Thursday, June 7, 2007

Pork Fried Boredom

Has anyone noticed the amount of American characters Hugh Jackman has played? He's English (Aussie?) and yet Wolverine, one of the Penguins in Happy Feet, guy in The Fountain... Americans! Don't get me wrong, he's a great actor and all, but you've got to wonder where he got his technique, as he does it pretty well.


Now that it's five minutes until 2 in the morning, I think it's safe to say that I'm not going to be called back. Maybe it's karma, since I don't do very well with calling people back. Big plans were going to be made, jugs of Sangria would be consumed (like 3 of them, my idea) and bowling wouldst thus occur. But NoOoOo...

Went to 7/11 to buy a new lighter, because God knows where mine went. Now if I could get him to tell me where, I could have saved myself the awkwardness of saying to the lady in front of me, "How ironic" to her total of $7.11 (Pack of Marlboro lights and a Diet Pepsi.) Or even the disappointment when I was informed they were out of BICs for the rest of the week. I played it cool; bought a few packs of smokes, a slim jim,and some hardcore pornography and left.

Sorry, I lied about the Slim Jim, that part never happened. Regardless, the whole reason I went to the store was for a lighter. The whole reason I didn't mind going was because I was already dressed, waiting for friends to call. The whole reason I lost my lighter is because I was rushing around getting ready for a fun filled, alcohol fueled evening. Funny how things work,eh Charlie Brown?

"It was only one flipper baby!"

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