Thursday, June 7, 2007

Justice? El oh El!

Paris Hilton was arrested and put on probation. She then violated said probation. The real kicker here is that they actually tried to send her to jail. Oh Paris, you poor little thing! The original deal was 90 days AND she'd get protective custody from the other inmates. Her sentence was cut down to 45 days(go figure.)

Oh Paris, it must have been terrible! You had to endure three (3!) days in Prison, separated from all the actual criminals (and people that don't have daddy's money to play with and the best lawyers , you know, they type that get spunk-depository Heiresses out of minuscule jail sentences for being irresponsible twats.)

She was released today after 72 hours! Three days and she's home, due to "Medical reasons" according to the news. I didn't know 'Cock Withdrawal' was a medical condition. To show that they still meant business, they've placed her on house arrest.


So for the next 42(?) days, she'll lounge by a pool. Text message her friends, make some sex tapes,ect. But she's being punished. Now go to your room,Paris, you get no dessert tonight.

At least Martha Stewart did 6 months.

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Fitter Happier said...

her 45 day sentence was cut down to 23 days. but apparently cut down to 3 from recent news. its such bullshit. im so sick of hearing about paris.

ps: all the ladies at the salon today were saying "hey at least martha stuart did her time!"