Friday, March 14, 2008

Free stuff?

Possibly, but until I win an iPod, feel free to proxy that as much as possible.

Click this silly little banner, put your info (or info you make up) and get me some free shit! All you have to do is make searches. Some people say that there's Malware involved, but if you're not downloading anything, you should be fine.

Win Free Prizes

After that, go to and type and do the process again, as many times as you possibly can. Or you can do it for yourself too!

20 Friends? Heh... I've done it about 9 times. 20k in Winzy points all put toward an end of month sweepstakes. No cost, other than about 20 minutes a day making searches for "Pancakes" at a rate of one letter per search and a lot of exclamation marks.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

No Sleep til Brookline

G00dness, it certainly has been a long time since this dystopian portion of the internet has been updated, and for that, I apologize. My only regret is that I have no good excuses to explain my extended absence.

I didn't get beaten to death by an angry mob of Red Sox fans, I didn't get abducted by Dr.Phil to be a panelist for his latest publicity stunt/Britney Spears intervention. I didn't catch HIV from being in the same state as Paris Hilton(because it can happen!)

So then what the hell was I doing for a whole goddamn month or so? Well, not a whole lot. Art school is tough, because it's not just "Hey! Write this ten page paper on a subject from this list." It's more like: "Hey! Why don't you take a product label, match its colors using only acrylic paints. Oh, and you can only use primary colors." That's the shit I've been dealing with. Yes, Art school can be a pain in the ass, but for every tedious logo redesign or gesture drawing, there's a hot artsy chick, so it all balances out.

I'm not sure if it's come up before or not, but I do not use illicit drugs of any kind. I take sleeping pills, and I'm prescribed to Adderol (Up to 30 MG now!) but other than that, I've been "Clean and Serene" for close to six years. Well, not counting booze, which over the past six years I have consumed copious, often socially disastrous at time, and while it was and continues to be partaken in illegally, alcohol is not a drug.

Moving right a long, you've got to be creative for art school. You've gotta have what it takes! Not just any loafer off the street is cut out for art school. You think just because you can wriggle into your little sister's jeans you can get a place here? You've got another thing coming, chief. You've got to think on your toes and stuff, which is why I don't sleep.


Every Thursday, for about a month, I stay up all night. It's absolutely amazing, like a drug but you can keep your self respect. Nothing else is quite like sleep deprivation. Colors are brighter, coffee is hotter, air is airier. Everything is an adventure. I get on the train in the morning and the only thing that matters is that I don't fall asleep. I find myself being amazed by the woman in front of me, and how large of a mouth she has. It's a time when Frank Black makes perfect sense, and you find yourself taken aback by things you never would have thought of before. You talk to people you wouldn't, you say words you normally wouldn't, and despite your crippling exhaustion, you just can't stop!Combine this with Adderol? I'm a fucking wrecking machine. A coffee chugging, mad rambling, bleary eyed, fucking powerhouse of awesomeness and weirdness combined into one beautiful man shaped machine.

Hopefully, my anecdote will be sufficient enough to palliate the frequency(or lack of) updates for you my loyal legions of fan.

And if not, well... Fuck you and Fuck Your Blog!