Sunday, June 3, 2007

Because it's sterile and I like the taste

June is here, May is gone. The beer is gone. Lost are the chilly mornings and jacket weather has become sooo last month. This is upsetting, in it's place comes sticky humidity and sunburns. Girls in next to nothing is a plus, but I'd trade the few attractive,scantily clad women I get to see for Eskimo garb any day. It's too damn hot, plain and simple, and it's not even that bad yet! As they say, "It only gets worse."

People bitch about the snow, I don't, I love it! Give me an excuse to wear my heavy jacket with a long sleeve shirt underneath. Thermals under my pants. Tucking my pants into my boots so they don't get wet, I can't get enough. I think part of the reason is that I don't have a car to dig out of 5 feet of snow. Or care about how icy and treacherous the roads are.

I don't drive! Yes! The secret to my infatuation with winter and shitty stormy weather. I don't have a license,and thus embrace the snowy season. I've been out of school almost two years now, but still get some sort of sick satisfaction watching the morning news for school cancellations. But now what? What do we have now? Brush fires and UV index warning, and douche bag meteorologists warning the elderly to stay in the air conditioning.

I'm finally going to break down and get my license. So if you see a blue Oldsmobile, blaring Devo through the suburbs, it's probably me. You should probably stay out of the street too if you're a pedestrian. Not that I'm a bad driver, but just a friendly warning.

While on the train the other day, the woman across from me wasn't wearing panties. Score right? This is an accurate depiction of the scene:


The Madman said...

I must certainly agree on the subject of winter, and my appreciation for it.
However, this blog certainly needs more Lemur.

Fitter Happier said...

why are you so amazing? <3