Thursday, September 13, 2007

Advetures In Brookline

What do you do when you're class ends at noon and your next one starts at 4pm? Anything you want! However, when your school is in Brookline, your choices are slightly less exciting.

Armed with a veritable ass-load of free time and my totally sweet Macbook, I set out, to paint the town of Brookline red. After just 10 minutes, my school disappearing behind the other buildings in the area, I was in the filthy, wretched, bowels of Brookline. Also known as Brookline, without the filthy and wretched part, as it's quite clean.

I had been here before, my last Thursday class got out even earlier and I was forced to feed my wanderlust. This Utopian, predominantly Jewish hood has a toy store, lots of new wave hair salons (the kind that have a lot of beads and vases and gay stuff like that) and rival coffee shops.

Being able to hear your stomach over music is discomforting so I scoured the town center for anything resembling a Chinese restaurant, craving some tasty General Gao's Tofu. I got my tofu, but it was certainly not of the Gao variety, and that made me a sad panda, plus the rice had eggs in it.

With a belly full of bean curd, I padded along, down Harvard St. to the dueling coffee shops. On one side, you've got the New England favorite, Dunkin' Donuts. On the other side, you've got a Starbucks, for people who like their coffee to be dripped slowly from the ass of Rosie O'Donnel and pureed in a blender then heated up nice and hot and ridiculously priced. Obviously I chose the first one, and to my utter shock, they not only spoke English, were super nice, but they were like .50 cheaper than what it costs in Quincy!

Smoking a cigarette in front of the liquor store(with a giant clock) I watched a yoga cunt trip and fall right on her face not even five feet before my eyes. I had to beat a quick retreat for fear of her hearing my laughing and putting me an awkward position, like asking me why I would laugh at her for falling.

Now here I am, at the Brookline Public Library with an hour left on my battery and almost 2 hours til my next class. The bastards made me throw my coffee away too, which I guess isn't too bad because I know have yet another objective to fulfill.

So good bye anyone who read this, my oh so rare "Two in one day" blogs. See you all really soon with other dumb things you can read to waste time.

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