Saturday, July 14, 2007

Big women,big women,big women fill my eyes!

I'm not entirely sure what happened inside my head, but I've had a craving for the love of a larger woman. Those hips...oooh those hips. Those soft features and large sweaty tits have haunted my dreams as of late. Heroin chic is out, and baby, I wanna buy you a steak.

Marsella,from the bank, one of these days I will muster up the courage to ask you to a sensibly price dinner. Wooed you shall be with my amusing anecdotes and expertly timed zingers. Marvel at my observational and situational comedy, and if I play my cards right maybe I'll get a tour of the vault? Eh? Vault being her vagina, though I hope with her taste in smart clothing she'd have a more hygienic method of storing her loots.

I'm thinking about going rockabilly, if not for looking cool, then for those 'fly' chicks they get. You know the type.. Sassy, with a 'Fuck your rules' attitude and some 'hawt' tattoos. Cherries,dice,ect ect. I'll have to drive a hearse, but hey, I can adapt.

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