Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Srs Bsnss!

Two weeks ago, at quarter past three in the morning, while the quiet city of Quincy slept comfortably. I lurked, under the cover of darkness to the porno store to return my delinquent rentals. I'm not going to lie, atleast one of those DVDs was entitled "Elbow deep,100% hardcore fisting" but that's beside the point.

I swept through the suburban utopia, pulling my trench coat up above my ears in an attempt to mask the shame that showed in my face. Ok, actually it was my hoodie, and I would have had the hood up if it wasn't hot enough already.

Finally, I arrived at the Night Deposit box. I had to act as if I was engaged in some sort of conversation on my cellphone, as a car drove by just as I was about to relinquish myself of the smut. At long last, my pornography was returned safe and sound, and two days late (still no late fees though, awesome!)

In other news, I signed up for college. New England Institute of Art. I'm to be a full blown art fag, in the field of graphic design. As you can see by all of my pictures, I know quite a bit about photoshop. Or atleast putting words over pictures, that I can certainly do. I met with a guy today and I have to write some essay about why I chose graphic design, which I'm putting off doing because I don't feel like it.

I didn't care for the amount of guys in girl pants, but I guess I'll have to adjust if I want to make fat loot fucking with photoshop though. The sacrifices I make..

My break from the internet is now over. I'm back full swing until September. That means I'll be socializing again in real life! Which means back to binge drinking and all that good stuff. Because of this, I'll be turning my basement into a pirate bar. That's right, a fucking pirate bar! Pirate stuff, pirate flags, a bar... Pirate Bar! So for you readers who know me in real life, give a call to my cellphone on Friday, this time I'll probably answer.

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