Friday, March 14, 2008

Free stuff?

Possibly, but until I win an iPod, feel free to proxy that as much as possible.

Click this silly little banner, put your info (or info you make up) and get me some free shit! All you have to do is make searches. Some people say that there's Malware involved, but if you're not downloading anything, you should be fine.

Win Free Prizes

After that, go to and type and do the process again, as many times as you possibly can. Or you can do it for yourself too!

20 Friends? Heh... I've done it about 9 times. 20k in Winzy points all put toward an end of month sweepstakes. No cost, other than about 20 minutes a day making searches for "Pancakes" at a rate of one letter per search and a lot of exclamation marks.

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