Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Filth and the Floozy

"Hey kid, if you're under 18
You'll probably get off easy
so feel free to blame it on it me.
Hey kid,

Just remember if you blame it on me
I'll take the heat and you can plead insanity
Kill a Celebrity"
Ramallah-Kill a celebrity

Forget Ozzy, these are some lyrics that need to acted out in real life. Particularly on this piece of shit to the right.

If you've gotten this far and are wondering what the fuck I'm on about this time, you apparently missed the morning news (at least in America.) Ms. Spears is going crazy again! In less than a month, this is her second trip to a hospital for psychiatric issues. Enough is enough!

This story was reported before a story about John Edwards and his dropping out of the presidential race (WBZ-4, Boston) and it's now being discussed further on the Early Show. Is this really the country we live in? I can bear police injustice, starving kids, and limits on constitutional rights, but really? Are you kidding me? This fucking cunt is taking air time from the future leader of the free world?

Hey Canada, shave your legs. I might be coming over later, wear something nice, maybe light a few candles.

The shittiest thing about this is that I'm not going to be able to get away from this fucking story. Plastered across every newspaper on the train is going to be Whore-Face Bucket-Cunt Brit, and Park St. will be running rampant with cellular douches all gabbing to whomever about her 'downward spiral.' Practically fresh from her last custody battle and this is how she acts, oh boy are those kids going to be fucked up...

It wasn't discussed in depth, but they say Dr. Phil will be present with her. Oh great! Where the fuck is Dr.Kevorkian, that's the Doc for her. This woman doesn't deserve to live, and yes, to anyone who wishes to question me, I AM qualified to make this decision.

I just vomited, I'm so fucking enraged. To the staff at the UCLA medical center: Please do the right thing and suffocate her with a pillow. Pull whatever plug she's on. Anyone living in the area, please murder this bitch in cold blood.

"Hit me baby one more time."

Oh I'd fucking love to.

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