Thursday, May 3, 2007

Pretentiousness for sale!

Seriously: Can I get some money for this?

I've always considered blogs the most selfcentered things in the universe. Douchebags across the universe(yeah, universe) clacking away at their keyboards trying to verse their opinions to a sea of deaf ears. Or eyes, you know what I mean. I suppose you could say this is a cautionary post, because this is where I'm going to tell you that you'll find nothing constructive.

I'm caustic; I don't get along with people in the real world. I don't like people and yet work in customer service...

I don't socialize, and wonder why I'm so lonely.

All this "I" talk makes me want to go to Ihop.

Atleast now I can say "Oh this is soooo going in my blog" in a really lispy voice. And then paint the walls with my brain.

1 comment:

Fitter Happier said...

i'll give you money for nudes.