Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fist as a verb

Good morning all my loyal reader! I apologize for the extreme lack in updating this thing. Finals were pretty much a breeze, and I'm confidently going to claim I passed every class, though I am waiting to hear on the results of a couple classes.

Nonetheless, I'm done! You'd think I'd be happier about not having to hop on the train three days of the week, rain or shine.. No, not me. That damn school gives me a purpose, a reason to wake up. Now I'm up at 10 of Six in the morning, and by 'up' I mean I haven't slept. Why not? I'm not entirely sure actually.

One thing I am sure of, is that my room has more hazardous vapors in it than the shower area at Auschwitz (which may or may not have existed...OH!) It's also about forty degrees hotter than it should be with the with the window open as much as it is. And lastly, I'll always be completely unsure as to why I have no hair whatsoever on my calves.

Going to keep this brief, due to my lack of having anything to say and my need to sleep. Big day today, involving a pay check and buying some wood to build a shelf. Expect pictures of my stigmata'd hands after that inevitable debacle.

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Shae said...

Drop bears claim yet another victim, I see. :/